I went dress shopping and found a short little summer dress in black with a lace back, and a nice flared skirt.

I love slipping into it and zipping the exposed zipper up my back.

I wore sheer thigh highs in a honey brown, and black slip on open toe heels, and this little dress makes my legs look so good.

More dress shopping today too !!
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7 Responses Aug 22, 2014

That sounds like a pretty dress.

Me to

Lovely! I stopped off at an outlet mall the other day and bought $50 worth of panties and slips. I wanted to buy this sexy black dress, but I already have a lot of girly clothes I don't have the opportunity to wear. Plus I've got two dresses on order that I should be getting this week!

very pretty

Being a sissy ****, I just love the full length zip on the back of mini skirts or jeans, hun. xox

Oh yes that is wonderful!

Dress shopping is so fun. I love to see myself in different outfits.