Navel Seduction

Her belly undulated close to his green eyes. He seemed transfixed as waves moved up from her tummy to her belly button to her stomach and the waves reached her beasts and her chest moved in rhythm with the drums. Her legs long, lithe, alive as she danced on her toes, beautiful curve of the arch of her foot, her toes touched the floor lightly. Her hair was long and dark, full, thick; wildness as it flowed over her breasts, framed her face.
They’d been dancing together at the chic club for an hour or so. Mostly Western music. But the band moved into a Mid-East beat and she felt the music deep in her. Not a perfect margi song, but the belly dance music was sensuous, ancient and seductive.
She led him to a chair at their secluded booth, told him to sit. He smiled and she noticed again the creases around his eyes, charming. In the dim club the candlelight from the table shown on her belly and breasts. She’d worn her sari conservatively all night, just an inch below her navel, covered sometimes by her pailu. And she’d noticed how his eyes fixed on her navel as it appeared and disappeared as they danced.
Now she removed the paliu and slid her sari down low on her hips. She felt the music. She moved close to him and let her desires drive her dance. Ripples ran from her hips to her breasts to her shoulders, and her arms spread wide. She was open. Her navel was so exposed. She felt tingles in her belly button, pleasure reached down into her thighs.
With a slinky hand movement she took his finger, pulled it toward her belly. But didn’t let him touch her. She undulated her belly and hips as his finger waited inches from her belly button.
She thrust her hips and his eyes widened. Again, hip thrusts. Erotic suggestive, she felt herself fill with pleasure. She knew he wanted her big deep navel.
Slowly she pulled his finger toward her rippling stomach. Quickly, she pushed his fingertip into her navel, deep and hard and watched as his finger sunk into her center. Beautiful to see herself penetrated in her center, her second chakra. Energy spread through her, intense pleasure. She looked at his face. He seemed filled with lust and joy as he drove his finger into her now, fast, in and out, in and out. Her nipples hardened. Her yoni moistened. She saw he was hard for her. Deep in her belly knot his finger probed. She was hungry for more, in her navel, her large breasts, her yoni. She bucked against his finger, his fingernail; hot sensation, prickling. He reached and pulled her sari lower to look at her beautiful body. A little hair showed. Her hips moved side to side then jutted out and back, out and back, almost touching his lips. He was hers, she knew as his pink tongue reached out to her.
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Wow! very erotic and sexy story! I loved the fact u made the woman wear a sari and expose her navel through that. I absolutely loved it! After reading this I myself was seduced by the words.

Thanks very much. I'm flattered you liked it.