The Weakling Miki Should Disappear.

- Hey can I have a minute with you ?

- Yes.

- You're single ?

- Yes.

- You don't mind if I pay you drinks ?

- I don't mind.

- Do you live near ?

- Yes.

- Do you want me to give you a ride to your home ?

- Ok.

- Can I kiss you like this....

- ...

- Can I feel you a little bit ?

- ...

Some people thinks i'm very dumb and sometimes I wonder if I am or not. But I know for sure that i'm really uncomfortable with this to the point that I want to die. I'm not sure where to starts with things but I know I have to change.
Mikisilly Mikisilly
18-21, F
2 Responses Apr 28, 2012

ya not week dont believe that . . . . Ya just sweet u ll have ya own way in which a guy can get to u . . . In a way that u wont feel so unconfertable . . Dont change ya fine . . Just the way u are . . U love ya self dont u . . . Well some one will love that too some day

I don't understand your title! Are you saying you should disappear? Because? Why?

The weakling me should disappear, not me, well i often think about it... anyway i want to be stronger.

Well I hope you find that strength...