Guilt Comes With It

Whenever I say no to someone, I have a bunch of guilt.  Consequently, so much of my free time is spent on other people and their needs.  For example, every weekend I spend hours driving to all of my nieces and nephews sporting events as well as helping my brothers and sisters with their kids.  By the time I finish with them, it's time for a night out with friends.  I couldn't even tell you how many times I get stuck being the DD because I feel that if someone invites me then the least I could do is drive.  I am not sure why I can't say "No" to people because in many other areas of my life I'm strong.  Basically it's only when I am asked to "do a favor".  How do you turn off the guilt factor????
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2 Responses Aug 7, 2007

I recognize myself so much in that. Why is it so hard to say no when someone asks you a favour, and why should we feel bad and guilty about saying no?

Think of yourself! I have a few friends like this who let others walk all over them in the name of helping them out. Give yourself a break from carrying out the commands of those around you! Next time someone asks you, say, "I'm was planning on doing something else." If you keep on going this way, you're going to end up exhausted and stressed out about meeting all demands. Take care of yourself - that's another goal to reach for! ;>