I Am An Athiest and Proud!!!!

I'm an athiest i hate how people judge me because of that just every person at my school thinks there is something wrong with me because of that they need to get over it. I am proud to be an athiest to and know others who are to so anyways people hate me because of that but i dont hate them teachers have told me im going to hell and give me bad grades and do anything to get me in some kind of trouble and i dont care what oyour religion is or anything really but people kill others for there religion what kind of go would allow that, so there I'm an athiest and proud!!!!!!!
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2 Responses May 9, 2012

i agree

Religion is ba<x>sed on fear. People are worried so they feel the need to preach and save you. Relax. It's thier issue not yours. Always funny for them to explain the dinosaurs.....lol get a kick out of that one.

can you explain us the dinosaurs ?