It's Hard To Put It Into Words

It's mostly a feeling, I need to concentrate and see why I am so unhappy, though I have all the ingredients for happiness.

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15 Responses Dec 13, 2009

@ just me on line: I know, I have to help myself

@ laurie: I need a change of heart<br />
<br />
@ Zeggle: that's what we hope for<br />
<br />
@ Jo: thank you me too<br />
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@ CJPSF5: thanks

Hugs to you my friend.....

You keep writing those stories... you need to communicate, I cannot promise you ur old job that you loved, but only EP<br />
I hope things will improve.:)

@ Zeggle: LOL! no I have a very slow link, and my internet just dies from time to time!<br />
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I love walking, I just don't have time to walk anymore!<br />
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@ wilderness girl: we have started our own business, and invested all our savings on it, I can't leave now!

What's stopping you LV?

I would love to work else where, like my previous job that my husband made me quit.<br />
<br />
Somewhere I can talk to my coworkers!

What is it that you would like to be doing instead LV?

@ rjastein: I think it started when I had to work where I don't enjoy working. thank you for the very kind comment

When I am down, I write stories on EP, it really helps me. Crying is a good thing, I'll try that, thanks

When I am down I write poetry.(well I try) Try using your short stories as an outlet. Or? try a real chic flick and have a good cry. It works for some people.

@ Johnny: I am not sure, I have been feeling this way for quite so long now

Are you around people that make you feel like that? Have you been listening to sad music or is there a familiar smell there that has triggered it?

thank you candy, it means a lot

awe~((HUGS)) pray for u you find guidance sweet friend! ~xox