I could get in loads of trouble with the law for verbal abuse if i said all the things that come to my mind right away, so i have to be careful how i word things. I am not scared to say anything, but i am smart enough to find a way to word something to were i don't get into trouble.

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Most people don't think before they talk. It isn't because they are dumb they just aren't in the habit in the way they perceive things. Like if i was to say i am very tired and one of my friends blurts out you should go to sleep then. They may end up giving me bad advice because they didn't take the time to learn the situation. I could have an important thing i need to attend or i don't want to mess up a schedule. If one of my friends said they was tired i would ask questions first to see what they could really do about it. <br />
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It is just a habit to get into. Ive caught myself almost giving out advice with out asking questions first, and i stopped myself. It is a good thing i did stop myself and asked those questions because i would of said something pretty stupid.

I think it is a little common sense to treat those in higher power with respect. A cop already has you plate number before he even puts on his lights.

You are very smart to know when and how to talk. Just like if your pulled over by the law for some minor infraction, it's better to polite than be a smart ***. Like the guy on TV I saw the other night, the cop was going to pull him over because he left his directional on and when he turned his lights on the guy started speeding up and a chase began and the cop had run him off the road, he started fighting with the cop and he got a ticket for evading the law and reckless endangerment, resisting arrest. <br />
If he had have pulled over the cop would have probably just given him a warning and he could have gone on his way. I always taught my kids to use their words first and try to avoid confrontation and if that doesn't work then you can defend your self but when it comes to the law you'll come out on the losing end if you resist.