It's weird, my friend said he messaged me on EP, but I don't see any messages, lots of people say they messaged me one here, but I don't see them... :/
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are you there ?? halooo

By the way, your hair style is Cool.😊

How are you these days?

I'm nervous too.
On your noise? That's a kind o mild one.

Sometimes in life we loose control of everything. But I prefer to loose the control of the things un purpose, like the condition that you may have when you are in a surgery room.

I had a noise surgery once.
That was scary for me too.

Martin Carson? ; (

He is in Coma still. 😦😖

Ok surely,
may I ask a question before you go, do you have some feelings about him?

I know that I know, he is 17 and I think you are much younger. I just don't know why he had such feelings. He never talked about his emotions.
I completely understand you


If he stays alive, my suggestion is to get know him and be familiar. He is a great person. But he had disconnected with me because of a fight we had.and now I'm just regretful

Why you should be working? ( sorry Idk your name, I'm Angela)

My pleasure to meet ya, but what about your parents? Don't they support ya? (If I may)

Oh God damn it. You are just 14.
Listen. I live in Boston, if you just needed anything, don't hesitate to contact me. Ok Kandon?

I adore you
you are a brave young boy

You completely can.

Tbh, Martin was the only reason why some of us signed up here. But that doesn't mean that I'm not going to talk and help others

And I'm here to talk to you anytime you liked, you can message me and talk about things that eat you up.

Ok buddy? Stay strong like a warrior and shout: **** you life! I'm made of steel;)

May I tell ya sth?

I have to message you

Do you promise to keep it in your heart for ever?

The thing I'm gonna tell you

did you get my sg? i sent you a pic:/

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Yes, I sent you three messages. I think it's about the app ' s problem. :/ hmm

That's ok, NP.:)