"No, I Really Don't See Anything With My Eyes Closed."

   I cannot visualize.  When I close my eyes, all I see is black.  I guess I didn't really start noticing this until about a year ago.  I have been trying to develop a variety of psychic abilities and practice meditation.  Most of these disciplines prefer to use guided imagery and visualization techniques.  Needless to say, I have not been getting very far.  Because of my lack of visualization, I am afraid that I will miss out on some amazing things; i.e. astral projection, past life regression, and clairvoyance.
   I am hoping that, with practice, I will be able to start visualizing.  I desperately want to create and see something in my mind's eye.

QuellyBelly QuellyBelly 26-30, F 3 Responses Sep 14, 2011

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you can try some brain crunchies.....

for example....when you see an image it always 'belongs' with other things in the you 'minds eye' try putting things together that dont belong....

you would imagine water skiing behind a boat on skis...change the image and ski on loaves of bread.....

On the bed is a cat...imagine its not a cat but a purring tape measure

Imagining selatape instead of socks.......etc,

but find your own doesnt work if you just think of the ones i describe here lol!

this sounds bizzare but what your actually doing is giving your brain a little vacation....this helps your mental agility and teaches your brain to play. Try this for about five mins every day.

I'm exactly the same. My girlfriend has the capability of visualising all manner of things in high quality even with her eyes open. It kills me... the only thing I'm truly jealous of in our relationship :P

I wonder if it is that I simply lack the capability, that connection in my brain which enables such visual imagery, or if it is a matter of not exercising this skill enough. I do know that as a child my friends and everyone in my family were able to master the dots pictures but I was never able to. This does make me wonder.

I will try your technique and give you an update. Any other suggestions would be warmly welcome :)

You need to stop thinking your missing out and just clear your mind breathing in and out and relaxing

when your eyes are closed you see 'brown' dont you? what things are brown? I d imaging chocolate rippling..i d follow the ripples and let my mind wander with the ripples....mud is brown.....follow it in whatever pattern it shows you...let your 'eyes' follow it... think of these as exercises.

iIs like we all operate on one radio channel...psychic ability is found on a different channel from everybody else......did you ever see those pictures of dots that show one picture but when you look further out of short vision and you lengthen it to long vision and see a totally different pic within the dots.. for psychic pictures try this mentally,unfocas and 'tune out' to long vision .I dont know if I m making sense but this works for me...its a beginning

let me know how you get on

I cant even see brown when my eyes are closed..