All I See Is Blank

When I close my eyes I cannot see anything, just blank.  I had been talking to my roommate yesterday about this and he says that he can picture things and people when they are not there. 

Today I found a website,, by someone with a similar experience who described the experience like this:

"Imagine a red square.  Can you see it?  I can't.  I know intellectually what a red square is made of, but I cannot see one unless one is in front of me"

The website made a rough estimate of 1 to 10 percent of people who cannot visualize, but does not know of any scientific research.  I am really curious how rare it is to not be able to visualize things and if there has been any research on either the prevalence or the cause of this. 

I don't really know how to describe the experience since I have never really been able to visualize anything.  Very rarely I will wake up knowing that I have dreamed something but once I am awake I cannot visualize anything.  I maybe have one of these nights a year when I think I have had a dream, other times I just fall asleep and then wake up to my alarm.  People have always told me that I dream every night, I just can't remember it - but now I am wondering if my lack of dreaming is related to the inability to visualize.  The guy on the website I mentioned earlier says he dreams normally, so maybe it is a memory thing?  who knows....



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1 Response Jun 26, 2008

Thats very interesting...My boyfriend of 6 years has this same problem. I have just discovered this today. I was looking at a "graphic novel" which is such a new idea to me, and I had mentioned to him that I like normal novels since I like to create my own visualizations...he told me he cannot do this. He cannot picture things in his head at all. He said his dreams are blank. I didn't know such a thing was possible and I am having a hard time fully understanding it all...Have you been able to discover more about this?