I'm Lost

I don't know what I am supposed to do with my life.My weekdays are routine but I do go out occasionally on weekends.I love my job but have no relationships,I still live at home and haven't had any luck finding a place to share.When I'm out in public I see other people my age who are married,have kids,mortgage,etc and it makes me sad and lonely.I wonder why that has never happened to me.I occasionally look back on my life and try to work out where I went wrong.There have been good times but I would like a more fulfillling life with meaning.
shyster shyster
3 Responses Jul 21, 2010

well i feel same sometimes, when i talk with my friends they talk about boys and all kind of stuff but i dont know what to talk about, it make me sad and when people start to ask me if im dating it make me more sick, plus i dont find sense to my life but as my grand mom says we need to deal with that, its part of life.. =)

I agree with basspla<x>yer. Sometimes we feel like victims of life - things never happen for us, etc. The reality is, things dont just happen. People make things happen. <br />
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What can you realistically make happen for you - DONT start with the end goal of getting married and having a family. Start by just talking to people - men and women. Just talk. Talk about the weather or your day. With some you might get a chance to share some more personal stuff, and you'll find the threads of trust and friendship grow etc. <br />
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Make a start. What you are very likely to find, if you're new at it, is that it all feels weird and you'd rather just be alone -which is fine, sometimes. But make a point of sticking at it in the LONG TERM. Take breakes as you need them, but always come back, re-ignite your old friendships, and you'll find that you soon have a circle of friends that you never thought were possible.

Life will pass you by if you let it. Get out and live it. Shake up your routine. Join a sports team, go to the library, volunteer for something. Life won't come to you, it's within you to find your purpose in life and to make those connections. You can start right here on EP. There are no doubt others who feel the same as you.