Hello everyone! I have had an account on here for a few months and thought I would finally post an experience.

My husband and I have one daughter, Kelsey, who just turned 17 last month. She is a junior in high school. We spank her as punishment. She hates it because non of her friends get spanked anymore. In our opinion, if she acts like a child, she gets punished like a child.

Kelsey gets spanked 2-4 times a month. Some times she has really good weeks without any issues, and sometimes she can't go a week without taking a trip over my lap. We spank her with a big wooden spoon. 30-50 swats, always bare.

I have talked to quite a few people on here that want to know our process of spanking her so I figure I could just post it here so I don't need to explain it any more:

If a situation comes where getting her butt spanked is the best option, we send her up to her room so everyone can calm down and we can get the wooden spoon. Then who ever is going to spank her (typically me) goes up to her room. I tell her to sit on her bed so we can discuss her behavior and why she is in the position that she is in. After we talk, I tell her to take her shoes off ( If they are on) then stand up and pull her pants down. Then I tell her to bend over my lap. After she is bent over, I take her outside arm and hold it behind her back (this minimizes last minute attempts to fight back). After she is bent over, her underwear comes down. Then she gets spanked. Like I said, 30-50 swats. When it's over, she gets hugged and everything goes back to normal. Of course, the routine is different if she is uncooperative. But I can explain that process another time.

If anyone is interested in talking, feel free to message me. I get home from work at 5pm central time so I can generally talk most evenings. It has been great meeting so many people on here
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Oooh lookie you posted the same story at least twice.. seems to me you ARE just trying to wind the pervs up and get them drooling..
IF you are spanking and punishing this girl then you should be smart enough to see itisnt working as you say you cant get a handle on her.. and she's still supposedly misbehaving.. seems to me you are just desperate to talk to pervs and wind them uptalking about it