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Nothing Makes Sense Anymore.

I have always been a very good student. I've always made good grades and understood (with effort) all of the topics my teachers explained to me. I'm in three advanced placement classes (which are college leveled) and all of my other classes are honors. I'm in clubs. I tutor for Spanish. I volunteer at my local chamber of commerce. I play lacrosse and tennis. I know I'm academically gifted. But, this year has made me feel completely ignorant. This year, my junior year of high school, has been completely different and much more stressful than any other school year. This year I can't do my homework. I'm failing tests and quizzes. I sit in class, write all of the notes I should be taking, read the textbook pages I'm suppose to, use the links my teacher gave me, go to school early (to ask questions), stay late to get help, and I still don't understand! Why? What is wrong with me?! I'm doing everything a normal student would do to understand, but it's not working! I always feel rushed, stressed and on the brink of tears. Nothing helps me feel better. I can't do anything to keep my mind off of school because, if I did, I wouldn't have time to study. I study from the time I get home, at six, until the time I go to bed, at twelve. I don't have much time to eat, take a shower, bush my teeth, or even sleep. I know sleeping would make my feel somewhat better, but I feel as if sleeping would make everything (related to grades) worse. I feel tired when I wake up in the morning at six. I go to school at seven. I see all of the other students happy and I want to be happy. I don't know how to be happy, I don't know what makes others happy. All of this had made my life feel out of control. I can't control anything that happens to me. Everything seems to be controlled by everyone else. Uhh. I'm lost. PLEASE HELP!            
midorimarie1 midorimarie1 16-17 2 Responses Oct 4, 2011

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this happen at first i know it is really difficult and it is hard but you know think about that tomorrow you will be rewarded of all you have done and you will be proud of yourself .next year will be easier for you i asure you because you will be learn of all of this charge.Give all your own to never regret than.

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Its just fear on your academic is driving you cazy. If you really love your studies and not interested on any thing else, you wouldnt ve felt in this way. There is something in your mind that you want to experience and enjoy. If possible write down those things in piece of paper and try to do them. If you fear to do any of those things, do them first. Once you can tackle them, things will fall into place. Also a bit of advice. dont spend all ur time in academics.You are in right age and this the time to go around and enjoy. Participate in any sports or game. Learn a new music instrument.