I Want To Sock My Dad, And Get Away From My Cousin

My dad was doing good the last two years. Not one drink. About a week and a half ago, he starts acting drunk again. Today, I was looking out the window and happened to see him coming home before sneaking a twelve pack into the garage. He thinks I'm stupid. Thinks I don't know he's drunk. That's what ****** me off most, is that he insults my intelligence. What he doesn't know, is that I know. And I've known for the past week and a half. Today was just a confirmation of my suspicions. Him and my mom have been talking happy in the mornings lately, which tells me they've been having sex again. Well, for insulting my intelligence, I called my mom and told her about my dad drinking and hiding again. No more sex for you dad! And if you keep it up, and get smart with me, I got some brass knuckles in my pocket for you. I've had enough of your ****. You were never there for me when I needed you.

Now for my cousin. My cousin ****** me off too. Just another piece of the puzzle called triggers. It's bad enough I have to sleep on a broken couch, but it's worse when my cousin comes over eating all the ******* ice cream, waking me up asking if someone will go to town and get pizza, milk and/or cigarettes for him. It ain't my fault you beat the hell out of your truck and ran it into the ground. It ain't my fault you spent 3 grand on a piece of **** car before inspecting it.
My cousin can kick my ***, and he even tried drowning me a couple times when I was younger. He was laughing while I was flailing and trying to call for help. As for my dad, we're probably about even. Now all I have to do, is wait for him to mouth off to me, and stick him one in the nose. That'll teach him to be a fucktard. Straighten his *** out.
LawlessTranquility LawlessTranquility
26-30, M
Dec 1, 2012