Holy Crap!

Everyday I can't but wonder where did i go wrong? Did I **** off the Karhma Gods? I once lived in a home with a family that loved me, I had cars, a good job, and wanted for very little. Now i live in a converted motel off the interstate, alone, a slave to mass transit, with a job I can't stand! I loathe the thought of going to this job everyday and with Lay-offs looming, I someimes wonder if it will be a blessing. What Happened? I went to my brothers house today and while I was happy to see my brother I couldn't help but notice that I used to have what he has now. A wife that loves him, a daughter that adores him, cars, and a loving home , while he works only when he wants to. It made me sad and angry as I am happy for him and don't begrudge him for what he has. I guess my anger is about me and the sadness was about the loss.

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1 Response Dec 13, 2008

Did you **** off the Karma gods? Is one question you could ask yourself. But, you could also ask yourself....when you had it all were you actually happy and content at that point? I mean, did you realize what you had? Did you notice that you had a family that really loved you? Sometimes we don't realize what we have until its gone and its at that point when its gone we truly realize what we need. When we are taken out of a situation at times its the only way we can really reflect on whats important or whats occurred. Guess the question to ask now would be.....what do you really NEED?