I Can't Clear My Mind Anymore

I used to love meditation. I first started in some religion classes, while I'm not a religious or spiritual person, I still enjoyed it very much. I picked up meditiation pretty quickly, I could clear my mind, focus my breathing and go out for long periods of time. I started doing it at home on my own time, and learned to love it even more. I experiented with differnent types, mainly Zen Buddhist style meditations (these were my favorite) such as walking meditation.


How ever recently I can never clear my mind to meditate anymore. To be honest I'm not really sure why, my habits haven't really changed, I'm not really anxious about anything, there hasn't been anything too tragic in my life recently. It just seems like my mind refuses to slow down. I go through all the steps that used to work for me, but I can only get a minute or so in before my mind starts jumping around. It's not like I am thinking really deep either, sometimes some deep thoughts pop into my head. But generally it's just really mundane, and random thoughts...sometimes images and scenes play out in my head. And the images will be totally random, which is the weird thing. I'm not playing out things that have happened, or wondering about how future events are going to play out. One that sticks out in my mind in particular is I was just imagining this cat tilting its head to one side...then the other. While it was sort of putting me into a meditative mind set, it was really just distracting. I know it sounds odd, but it is starting to become frustrating, since meditation was at one point really important to me.


Has anyone been through this that might know a way to get me back on track?

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1 Response Jul 18, 2009

i have same problem to be honest(i'm in the same experience team)Well,my pace of thought is going too quick as u mentioned.So what worked for me is to try to slow it down.Just push your brain and keep it that way:)