Always Go Go Go! Never A Moment Of Peace Or Tranquility

So i just cant seem to unwind and i don't know why.  It's not a dillema  plaguing or guilt eating my soul; it's just that  i work hard to play hard, yet never get the feeling of relaxation or ability to even remotely emulate the act of meditation.  It's like being tense or holding your muscles in a position, and never letting go..  or just feeling the nerves in you not subside. I'm not anxious, i'm not manic (at least right now), i just don't understand. I just moved to a new place and perhaps it is my surroundings because they're new? but  it sucks. i have a day off tomorrow that i'm gonna try to enjoy,  i just wish i could have those feelings of peace and calm; not wanting to do anything neccessarily pressing, and just enjoy the peace i have now.  am i defective? i ask myself that on many levels, at least a few times a day.

twilightbutterfly twilightbutterfly
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4 Responses Mar 1, 2010

Just breathe.

I understand, I have that feeling too. Ever since I began taking care of my parents their needs are never ending. They always need this or that and I barely have any time to take care of my own life let alone relax & rest. My muscles are tense all the time. I try to do things that used to calm & center me, now they don't work.

oh yeah? what's that? :)

I know what can help :)