Why Cant I Show My Emotions?

im just your average guy with your average job and average life, although things have been pretty tough the past few years!!! but my problem is, i have never really been able to show my emotions!!! like when im happy and when im sad and so on!!! ok, i can laugh at jokes and so on, but im talikng about my actual moods!!! when im angry, and when im sad, i cant show it!!! i mean, when i lost one of my best friends after he was in a car crash, i remember at the funeral, i felt empty inside, and i was crying big time on the inside, but i couldnt show to other people that i was upset if you get what i mean!!! even in the past 5 years ive suffered depression, a gambling problem, i have lost 2 of my grandparents to heart attacks and i lost my dad to cancer, all of wich were really sad occasions, but yet again, i couldnt show any emotions, even though i almost felt dead inside!!! i always keep things to myself, and i hate it when people try to get below the surface if you get what i mean!!! instead i bottle things up, and when im on my own at home or something, i lose my temper sometimes, and it can get really bad, but i only lose my temper when im on my own, by myself!!! and another thing that gets to me is that i cant even tell my own mother some of the things that i do, and talk to her about the way i feel!!! i mean, she worries about me, like all mothers do with their kids, and then when i tell her stuff and explain to her how i feel, she worries 10 times as much!!! like all mothers would do!!! i mean even recently i havent been very well, but the doctors dont know whats wrong with me, and i just tell my mom that everything is alright with me, cos i dont want her to worry about me, even though i know that as a mother, she will worry about me anyway!!! why am i like this? i just dont know!!!!!

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thanks lostmermaid!! its easier sad than done though!!! but i will keep trying to let people in, bit by bit!!!! one step at a time!!!

Best Of Luck mate :)<br />
Lots of love<br />

thanks for your comment lostmermaid!!! i have a lot of issues with my life and the way it has gone for me the past few years, and i have always struggled to show my emotions, and it really does hurt deep down inside, and as i said, over the last few years in particular have been difficult, especially as i have had to be strong for my mom, after i lost my dad to cancer!! she tends to show her emotions a bit better than me, so she usually gets people asking her if she's ok and stuff, but cos i dont show my emotions to well, everyone just presumes im ok, but in many ways, im not!!! but i will try working on it a bit at a time!!!!

If you work on it, you'll progressively be able to show up your emotions...Keeping everything to yourself is not good...<br />
<br />
I remember when I was like that - not showing my emotions..when I was deeply hurt for e.g, i suppressed the pain deep inside me..Even when I was alone, I didn't cry...<br />
<br />
This behaviour of mine had shattered my self-confidence...then one day, i said 'ENOUGH'...and I blew out all my mixed emotions at one go..It perhaps made me feel 'lighter' but it was the inappropriate way to sort the things out...as all the suppressed emotions that I dug deep within me came out all at once..:S<br />
<br />
So, you need to work on it...with time, practice and patience...Above all, believe in yourself...N be positive...<br />
<br />
Let us know how it went...:)<br />
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i know, i just dont understand how to open up to people!!! i always just get a bit paranoid, that if i go to people with my problems, then they will think that im one of these people that suffer from what i call poor me syndrome, you know the kinda people that one thing goes wrong in their lives, and they expect you to feel sorry for them!!! and yes i know what you mean about the internet, and i have met many great people on this site in particular!!! thanks for commenting!!