Why Cant I Cry!!!

why cant i cry when im sad!!! i wish i could!!! its just that i had this dream last night, and its bugging me, you see, cosin the dream, i was at my mothers funeral, and i was absolutely crying my eye's out, and i didnt know who to turn to, and then this is the weird bit, the actress penelope cruz see's me, and comes running over to me to give me a hug and comfort me ( weird, but good)!!! but in away, i understand the dream, cosi really do need to cry sometimes, but i dont know how to!!! sometimes i get pretty close to crying, but those times, im under the influence of alcohol!!! (which doesnt count in my opinion)!!! i just wish i could learn to open up more to people, like in the dream, when i was crying my eyes out, i just wish i could do that in real life!!!! even when my dad died a few years back, i couldnt cry, but i really wanted to!!! its just something i keep asking myself over and over again, why cant i show my emotions to people? i want to, but i dont know how, instead it all just builds up, and when im on my own, it only takes a minor thing to go wrong, and then all hell lets loose!!! if i ever had one wish for myself, it would be, to be able to open up to people more, its what i want, but i dont know how to do it!!!

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I'm the same way cowshed. I may get a tear from a sappy movie ending. Like you, I feel sad enough to cry & I don't. Maybe it's the way some people cope & process a bad day, experience or relationships. Others fall apart quicker. They're emotional on a different level. I handle harshness better then sweetness, hands down.

well, i need some of them back!!! lol, and right away missus!! hehe

crying is really healthy , I suppose I stole all your tears and use them all myself :S

you see, i tried that too, but still nothing!!! i know and understand what its like to lose a family member, but i just dont know how to deaL WITH IT!!! i dont know how to communicate with people and tell people that i'm struggling to deal with it!!!

When my mom died I didn't cry right away and she was my best friend. Now I cry when I least expect it. Sometimes you just got to sit back and wait for the tears to fall and don't push it.

it is indeed!!! and penelope cruz is gorgeous, but it doesnt solve my problem though!!! p.s. if penelope cruz just happens to be reading this, just get in touch, and you can come and giv e me a hug and comfort me for real!!!! ha ha ha!!!! lol!! maybe that will be my next dream!!!

Well, you have to admit, Penelope Cruz is gorgeous! I guess that is a good aspect of your dream, right?