Out Of Work

I’ve been out of work since the 13th July and I’ve been looking for work since, it’s been very difficult not much going in Limassol/Cyprus. I went to 2 interviews and now I’m waiting for a reply from one by the end of next week and a second interview from the first job I went for. I prefer the 2nd job as their will be travelling to the UK and that will give me the chance to see more of my family in London. If I’m offered the 1st job after I been for the second interview I’m going to have to except it even though I want the 2nd job I can’t take the risk of ending up with nothing. I’m so confused, what should I do, how can delay the 1st employer until I can get a reply from the 2nd employer................ Please advice!!

ronnys ronnys
Aug 9, 2010