Sleepless Nights

There is absolutely no sleep for me at night without the aid of sleeping pills.  Which seems weird, because I can sleep all day but not at night.  I would stay awake the entire day in hoping to flip flop my patterns.  But at night when I try to sleep, my minds just goes and goes.

Frooty Frooty
41-45, F
2 Responses Apr 16, 2008

finally i found people who have the same problem that i do/did with sleeping.....3-4 nights a week i just can not seem to fall to sleep and stay a sleep, either i have to use the restroom or i need some water in the middle of the night ...its soo annoying. but i think i finally found my dream product....omg its called 5 stage sleep shot it natural and an easy shot bottle to drink down really like 30 minutes after i drink it im groggy -- got to my bed and sleep sound thru the night :)<br />
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check out their site i think u can get a free sample..<br />
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hope this helps someone cause it helped me.<br />
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sara lee

I have the same problem. My Mom told me that before I was born I was always up at night kicking and moving around. <br />
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Maybe some of us will always be "night people"