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i am not sure when it started but at least one week a month i can only sleep for one or two hours each night. I find myself not being able to stop thinking about work, home life etc. My brain doesnt turn off. Its not like i have loads of sleep the rest of the time. I am a 7 or 8 hour person at best. how does this work?
happyboyx happyboyx 31-35, M 1 Response Apr 14, 2012

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You've really got to let go and relax, I guess. You're too stressed and worried and paranoid of things. You're caring too much about everything and that's tugging you down. If you can find peace and the ability to let go on your own, that would be great. If not, try talking to someone or taking up stuff like yoga, helps to rid the mind and heart of unnecessary anxieties. Most importantly, find peace within yourself. Good luck.

Thanks. I do tend to carry things rather than get them off my chest. I suppose i am more of a dumping ground for my wife than someone who dumps things on others. She isn't mean about it, thats just how it is