Here We Go. . .again

lay down, toss, and turn. right side, left side, back, tummy, curled up, stretched out ,sit up for a while, then a walk ,then the couch, the love seat, the chair, the floor feet on bed, the sprawled out on the floor. back to walking, back to bed, over and over for hours. silence is an art. one i am all too good at. when all else fails, i find my self on the computer or in the study with a book. then try all over again, the a pain pill still no luck. 

sleep use to be as simple as lay down cover up 5 deep breaths roll over and count back wards from 5 and i was out like a light.  then the car wrecks and the abuse then the pain. now i'm lucky to sleep more the 20 to 45 min at a time if i can fall asleep at all. i have been like this for years. in the last 5 years i have only woke one person from there sleep and that was due to me not picking up a kids rattle before lights out.  my life seems detailed around both  my partial blindness and clear walk ways for the night walks i take. 

to sleep for 2 hours straight would be a blessing from the Higher Powers.
kattarrin kattarrin
22-25, F
1 Response May 30, 2012

OMG finally i found people who have the same problem that i do/did with sleeping...i have tried everything possible.....3-4 nights a week i just can not seem to fall to sleep and stay a sleep, either i have to use the restroom or i need some water in the middle of the night ...its soo annoying. but i think i finally found my dream product....its called 5 stage sleep shot it natural and an easy shot bottle to drink down really like 30 minutes after i drink it im groggy -- got to my bed and sleep sound thru the night :)<br />
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check out their site i think u can get a free sample..<br />
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hope this helps someone cause it helped me.<br />
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sara lee 