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I guess i can't sleep because i have too much to think about. i just lay there and listen to the sounds all around. the smallest wind blowing. a small number of cars most likely going home or to the airport or maybe they are like me, and can't sleep so they go for a ride in the car and drive as the world is sleeping, feeling its all the world but them. i lay there thinking about my day and relive every moment; word and feeling again and again. on a number of nights i remembered deep memories ... i just lose myself in thought so much that sleep doesn't come.

And if i do get to sleep i have nightmares or dreams that are hurtful so now sleeping when its dark is both scary and hard.

There is nowhere i can get help from... i dont think this is going to do much good but  all the same heres my story, thankyou for reading.

LittleLostQueen LittleLostQueen 18-21, F 3 Responses Jun 30, 2008

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I still can't sleep years on from Writing this! But I have less Nightmares

Dang, I know that feeling... =(

I´m sorry you cant sleep. <br />
The night is the time when all problems seems unsolvable. Have you tried to listen to some quiet and relaxing music that puts your mind to other things. I know people that gets some help by doing that.