I Want Sleep

Last night is the 5th straight night I haven't slept. I can't sleep without someone next to me to cuddle with. I either need to drink to feel sleepy or get drunk enough to pass out. Most times I go out just to pickup a chick to sleep next too. But then that gets old and you start becoming emotionless towards their feelings.

I just want sleep. My head hurts. My eyes sting. I feel like a zombie. My thinking feels slowed and jumbled around. I just lay there thinking which I hate b/c then I start over-thinking everything. And I get depressed. Now I can't sleep, thinking about everything and depressed.

Usually listening to music can put me out but for only like 15 minute wake up can't go back to sleep. I use to have to watch kids movies like Barnyard and Over the hedge to put me out.

I don't want to take anything. I'm the type that doesn't take anything when sick. I know it's on me. I deserve to suffer if I wont really do anything about it. But I still want sleep.

The one good thing that came out of this is a chick I'm talking to. I really hope we go somewhere so we can cuddle and I can get some sleep.

datdudeblack datdudeblack
26-30, M
Feb 6, 2013