I'm having nightmares about the night I was sexually assaulted. I hate the R word. No just feel like I need comfort right now. It was a really rough thing to get past and even now sometimes brings up a rough patches here and there. A few times a year anyways. I've accepted that it happened, which took a while haha. Now that I'm through it, well almost, I just need some help getting through these kinda of nights. Thanks guys
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1 Response Aug 27, 2014

Have you sought counseling or therapy ? I was sexually assaulted several years ago . I did not seek professional therapy but I was introduced to a woman who had been sexually assaulted as well and she helped me get through some very difficult times including not being able to sleep and having nightmares about the attack . I still have moments where I forget to breath and have panic attacks but I just take a few minutes and work through it . Believe me I know it isn't easy but if you haven't already you really should seek professional therapy or counseling to help you work through it and learn how to deal with the aftermath . I was diagnosed with PTSD and am now working on that . If you would just like someone to talk to please don't hesitate to message me I will be here . Take care