I have a problem and it scares me alot.  You see I do not sleep.  Every night I am luck if I get two hours of sleep.  I feel tired, exhausted, burnt out, worn out etc.  I just do not know what to do or where to turn as frustration builds in me and I wonder why I cannot have the simple privilage of sleep.  I do not ask for much but this and I cannot even have this.  I have tried melantonin pills, eating sleep inducing foods, and milk, tried aromatherapy.  I have tried meditation, music, reading, exercising.  I dont drink or smoke or drink coffee.

My fear is that I may have to go to the doctors and get put on sleeping pills and this scares me so much.  I hate taking medications and with something so simple and natural as sleeping because your body needs it why do I have to take something like drugs.  I hate putting things in my body that may become addictive when all I want to do is sleep naturally. 

I have faced this demon for over a year now and Im so lost as to what to do.  It has come to the point where I do not enjoy my life anymore because Im just so tired.

tatteredwings tatteredwings
4 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Thanks tigger will give it a try

what helps me fall asleep is getting two pieces of toast with jelly. and warm glass of milk. The jelly has a sugar in it that puts you to sleep, at least i think so. it helps me to sleep at least 8 hours. Hope this will help you.

I just don't know I feel so lost inside because all I ever want to do is get a good night sleep but it never happens. My mind just keeps going and going and thinking and thinking about anything and everything and it just wont stop. My body is so exhausted but my mind will not be quiet. Thank you for your comment Francesca just being able to talk to someone helps :)

I wish I had some advice for you. I can't imagine how difficult this problem is as you can't cope with much when you're so tired. Is something bothering you so much that you can't turn your brain off?