Missing Parts

Im 20 m .. everynight i go to bed and lie there and find it so hard so fall asleep, while i lay there so many thoughts go through my head and i hate it, all i can think about is the things i want in my life like happiness, a nice gf, nice people to talk with and evrything alike, because of this i believe i cant sleep easy, and until i get these things i will never sleep, it scares me to think what if i dont get these and i die, will i be able to rest in peace having not been satisfied with life, its not dying im scared its not making the most of my time alive...

AngelMan AngelMan
18-21, M
4 Responses May 11, 2009

welcome,, i just want u to feel better and sleep well tonite after have had missing parts along the time,, i know you will,, all my wishes for your sweet dreams ;)

Yeah,, <br />
i guess thats all i can do, its nice to hear words like those and think 'you know what.. yeah' with a sense of relief :) thanks

close your eyes,, and imagine you are flying in the night sky,, just think about the things that reminds you of happiness,, and dont forget to smile before sleep,, then you'll have sweet dreams whole night ;)

I wish you all you would wish for yourself, be patient, these things will come. In the meantime just be kind to yourself.