Tired All Day, Awake All Night

This sucks. I started having sleeping problems about 6 yrs ago. It just gets worse and worse. Sleeping pills have little effect and make me feel like crap all day. I have tried different pillows, mattress, blankets, meds, wine, reading...ugh!!! If I do fall asleep it is a really strange half awake half sleep that feels like a hang over. I can hear everything and feel everything going on but I drift in and out of consciousness. I will dream and wake up over and over and over all night. I hate this and it is really making my life miserable.

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7 Responses Jun 9, 2009

Did you ever find out what the issue was?

I have the exact same problem. Like some have said, you could have sleep apnea. There's also the possibility of DSPS which you can read about here:<br />
<br />
http://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/tired-in-the-morning-and-awake-at-night-here-is-a-real-solution.html<br />
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Like you, I would really like to do a sleep study or see a doctor about this, but can't afford it. It's really screwing with my life (and my husband hates the fact that I don't go to sleep or wake up with him--I want to, but I just can't). I know just what you're going through. Hope that article helps! It helped me a little, even if it was just knowing that there are more people out there going through exactly the same thing I am.

maybe you sleep in a state of awareness of both this world and the supernatural.

It sounds like you may have sleep apnia..or insomnia. I sure hope it get better for you.

Thanks to you both, what heart felt comments! Yeah I am and have been depressed for a long time, as long as I can remember. I should try a sleep study, when I have money to pay for it I will definately do it. I take antidepressants, in the mornings. Along with some other diabetic meds. But these are new. Thank you for the suggestions...my friends. :)

I know how frustrating that feels. Definitely agree with OhioScott, it sucks.<br />
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It happened to me when I was in a bad place, was depressed and couldn't find things I wanted to look forward to. I'd sleep until late afternoons and then hung around, doing nothing during the evenings and nights.<br />
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I don't know if you're depressed or not but you might want to look into it. Take care, friend!

Damn! That sucks! Having drank some wine tonight I can certainly sympathize with your plight... Any possibility you have a sleep disorder? I have sleep apnea and didn't know it until i slept with another. I listen to talk radio at night... keeps me informed if nothing else... are you on any meds?<br />
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You take care... there are many out there with less...<br />
Who knows... maybe you'll meet a new friend... :)