My Sleep Ruined My Family.. :(

since i was a little girl i could nvr sleep well.. i am 16 now and am on medication for it, also for depression. whn i was about 12 i would cry all the time at night because i couldnt sleep. one nite i was crying because i couldnt sleep and my dad got so angry, so he left the house. he never moved back in and my parents got a divorce after that nite. i feel as tho thr divorce is my fault and i have a very guilty for it, even tho i realy couldnt help it =/

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3 Responses Aug 5, 2009

I feel for you. Take the negative things as a challage, set some good goals in life. Do not let the circumstances take control over your life you take control on your life. Work towards to achive your goals. Encourage yoursef everyday. Have good friends. Study well. Develop sefesteem, positive thinking. Become a good dremer. I wish you all best and I will pray for you too.

He just wasn't suited to be a parent. As in any career calling, not everyone is cut out to be a parent. You carry too much weight on your shoulders for things beyond your control. Your self esteem needs major repair which includes a healthy environment and supportive people around you. It may take a some time, Sooner you start that road the better. :-)

It wasnt your fault.My daughter hasnt slept clear through a night since she was born and I have never walked out on her.He just wasnt a very good family man it is his fault.