Pretend To Sleep When I Can't

I have had so many sleepless nights since my 10th birthday. I experienced so many horrible things when I was young. and even now I can't sleep in the dark.

I was finally brave enough to tell my mom, but  she was horrified. Every time I mess up she yells at me "Whats wrong with you"

The doctor gave me sleeping pills but now the only put me in a daze and blur my memories. I m so tire tired but if my mom finds out I am not sleeping I don't know what will happen

lizabe lizabe
13-15, F
1 Response Feb 12, 2010

Baby girl I could only imagine what happened to you. I'm sorry that your mother didn't listen to you. You're right you do not need sleeping pills. You need to speak to a professional to help you make sense of it all. Are there any resources at your school that can help you? If not then you will have to take control of the situation when you are an adult, and out of your mother's house. Your feelings are important and should not just be brushed off. Don't let this go. When the time is right you will be able make a stand and take your life back. Hold your high in keep fighting girl! Never ever give in.