I Have Been Here A Lot Lately....

Since my Breakup, with my ex, who I was together, and engaged to, I have had a Lot of these nights, they are some of the most painful nights, that nothing could stop the tears, and no words of comfort, can help take the damn pain away. I have had nights, where I'd be crying so much, that I'd throw myself into an anxiety attack, to where I can't breathe, which would than leave to me violently throwing up. I have had a LOT of nights like these, and they are the worst.

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4 Responses Jul 14, 2010

Me too... it's been almost a month our engagement ended... I've been sleeping on my couch 'cause I can't sleep on my own bed anymore... it suffocates me even though it's a big bed... I get anxiety attacks, maybe 'cause I feel so lonely... it's such a big change after 5 years and living together... tonight I'm gonna try again, but I know i will end up on the couch again.<br />
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Things did get better... I am slowly moving on...but it's subtle things like these that make it hard, sometimes unbearable.

I am sorry to hear that you have lost someone important to you .now your tears fill your eyes and you cry becaues heart is brocken lonelyness set in and it does take time to get over something like this . Out here there lonely man who like to be with woman who would love tham so much that they cry over them .and its brake my heart to story ,like your but some where out there is a man who would love to find a woman like you .dont give up just keep looking for the right one, my heart go out to you

me too....last time i started to spend 2 hours before sleep in the garden just sittiing on the bench, its so hot here that hard to be inside without air condition and i noticed that after 2 hours on the air i get into a sleep faster, i cry but in short time i just fall asleep<br />
may be and u try to be more on the open air in the evening....

your post spoke to me so much I had to write - it's almost 5am and I am on here and just can't face the aloneness since I was left - I hope your anguish lessens does it help for you to talk on this site somewhat ?(I am relatively new and am finding it a bit of a comfort to feel a little less like I am the only person on earth going through some of this)