Hearty Insomnia

I have never been the best sleeper in the world but, since separating from my husband I have lost many more nights sleep.  
Sometimes I can feel it coming on in the evening and I try my best to find distractions but still it overwhelms me.  

I'll try to describe the feeling........harsh hot aching in the chest made up of unidentifiable or unresolvable components: loneliness (the piece that barbs and persists most), worry, recriminations, dread, confusion and frustration! All lead me to: Desperation.  The lack of sleep doesn't help all of the above and herein lies the evil catch 22.

I feel it tonight and I am trying something new to distract myself......hopefully it will work but, I may just need to wait it out.
Piapod72 Piapod72
36-40, F
Sep 26, 2011