She was my best friend since middle school. We would txt each other almost everyday and my feelings for her grew. I trusted her and i thought i loved her.

It all changed in one summer. The summer before college.

I built up the confidence to finally ask her out and she said yes! The days i spent with her were the best I've ever experienced. It was filled with laughter and insults. I had fun. I didnt think anything could ruin our relationship.

Turns out i was wrong.

A few months before summer ended, we broke up because she was moving out of state for college. I thought that was the only reason.

Turns out She was still in love with her ex and i felt betrayed. She told me he broke her heart but she still went back to him right after we broke up. We fought over this and now we dont talk.

It hurts to think about her and i cant sleep from the heart ache i feel. I keep thinking about how dumb i was. I regret fighting with her in the first place. My mind is filled with possible outcomes if we hadnt fought, and it keeps me up at night. I just want us to go back to when we were friends. I miss talking to her.

But its all in the past. I need to learn to keep living life. Experiences like this only make you stronger, if you can get back up from it.

Have you experienced something like this? Please help. It hurts so bad.
go2dasho go2dasho
18-21, M
Aug 18, 2014