Bright Eyed!

Yep... today (or is it yesterday, now?), i was sick. So I slept all day long and my body recovered. NOW, I feel great... and full of energy... the problem is, it's past 1am here now! :-o

Ah, well... good thing it's the last day of the week, Friday! I think I will stay up and do my work this morning. And if I get sleepy, I'll just sleep away the afternoon. And since Saturday isn't a work day, I can just wake up early and chat on Skype with my best pal, like I always do... And then try to get back into my normal sleeping pattern. So, in other words, I'm not screwed! =p

It's just odd for me to be awake so late... or is it early? ;-)

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1 Response Feb 27, 2009

I'm on a 48 hour cycle at the moment 36- 38 hours awake and then up to 12 asleep. :/ tonight I went out on my bike and had a nice little ride down the coast to town. It was a breath of fresh air and so quiet and peaceful.