I wake up at 4am every morning, regardless of when I go to bed. Nothing gets me back to sleep, not reading a book, music, the TV, playing games on my phone...none of it. So I wind up laying in bed tired and frustrated until it's an acceptable hour to wake up the dog, and let him out.
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They say. Everything in your bedroom should be sleep oriented.
That means, you need to get rid of anything distractive.
It should be a light room pastel colours helps relaxation.
Try and organise yourself so that you end up in your bedroom 1/2 an hour before you want to sleep.
Abstain from alcohol for at least an hour before bed. And food likewise.
A warm bath often relaxes tired muscles and relieves stress.
All fairly obvious stuff I know.
But when you think about it, how often are you ready for sleep?
I work in a stressful,hours dependant on client type environment. Which often means late finishes followed by early starts.
It plays hell with your diet,rest and recouperation,sleep,relationships, etc. one reason why I'm quitting. But I always have a warm bath before bed. No tea or coffee for an hour before bed. Same with food.
If I have things on my mind. I keep a pad and pencil next to my bed. I try and write short sentences explaining why I'm stressed at bedtime.
Weird though it sounds, I find if I write what's stressing me out,down. I find it much easier to fall asleep.