Ranting About My Sleep And Bed

well recently my bedroom wall had some type of leek and has let off this awfull smell so iv  been on the sofa for the past month waiting for something to get sorted.It hasnt. And i can never seem to find a pillow which is comfy enough, so i wake up with a stiff neck all the time grr....so yeah :) any advice on what makes a comfy pillow:D...i dont see the point in why im telling you this, i just simply wanted to type:) x x x And i cant g back in my room because my matress might aswell be a brick its so hard so im going to get a new bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has had no impact on anyones life....oh well haha bye bye x
Rosieposey Rosieposey
18-21, F
Jul 23, 2010