I hate when I go to bed early and I just there like a goof thinking -.-

UGH I don't get to go to bed early enough and when I do I just lay there ://
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its not her fault ok sis. she has no clue how i feel and i don't want her to because it will worry her and she has enough to deal with besides i deserve this pain

xD<br />
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And nope, I'm not buying that John. I feel like she's hurt you bro :( You REALLY should talk to her because lately you've been super depressed..that blog made me worry! :((

ssuuurrreee<br />
no sis you two would get long great i mean it. shes not playing games at all either.. if you got to know her you would understand. shes not ignoring me ok. honestly i swear you two could be related even you have so much n common

ROFL..Lovely knows I'm not a lesbian :P<br />
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UGHH I think I'd be so mean if I talked to her..she seems like she's playing games with you and than angers me bro >:( I don't get her, she seems soooooooooooo sweet yet she ignores you and shitt :(( AND you know my policy against skype..>I shall never get it :P<br />
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MWT--It does suck :// and ughh it stresses me out soooooooooooo much. I have panic attacks at night sometimes from just thinking, I get so stressed out and obviously no one can hear me because everyone is snoring their asss off :// my mom has insomnia so I think I get it from her.

Yeah either way it still sucks, and i'm with you there it could be **** from waaay back that has nothing to do with anything going on in my life now or could be the more serious things.

haha i though your wife was wayslove? cheater jkjk<br />
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STOP SAYING THAT. no.. shes avoiding me and i'm to chicken to call on the phone:(. if you had skype you could talk to her though :)

Umm no thank you >.< <br />
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You're going to anger my husband up there MWT :P jkjk xD<br />
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You're the married one here...Have you called your lady recently? I think you should give me her number >:) and let me have a talk with her one day :PP

i could make a joke about us sharing one if you want

Yeah, my bed annoys me as well -.-

i do that to sis... it sucks my crappy bed doesn't help either

Aww yer soo cute, and that's my new fav. word! <br />
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And that suckssssssssss mine isn't too bad because I always try to get 3 hours before school but still it's a pain to deal with...<br />
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I always end up thinking about the stupidest of shitt too >.< FML

Ditto, oo wow first time i've ever used that word =P. I do the same thing right before I try to sleep everything pops up in my head, though I get use to, some nights it's like no you can't go to sleep before 10 or 11 am, evil evil brain >=(. Honestly those are the stressful nights when not much helps, sorry you go through similar things.