Am I A Insomniac Or A Drug Addict?

I used to have a religious sleep habit, I would go to bed around 9 or 10 and wake up at 6. It seemed perfect. I had just reentered college, and I kept to myself. Not to mention I had 30 little blue pills I could count on, that wonderful never ending supply. I began to notice that I was running to dreamland earlier and earlier every-night, the earlier the better. Soon, the day light was shining through my windows but still those little blue pills would lull me to the bathroom with the promise of calm. I took one, or two or three sometimes. So I threw them all down the toilet while my roommate and I had a huge fight that night. I was evicted. Now I find myself waking up at 12 'o clock on the weekends, staying up untill 4 AM, I pulled an all-nighter just last week to put together a desk that had arrived from Amazon. Last night I contemplated pulling another all-nighter, staying up and going to the 9:30 Yoga class but fell asleep reading for English after taking a bath. Last night I had 3 cups of coffee around 10:30 on-top of my daily Adderall.
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1 Response Sep 23, 2012

It sounds to me that you could potentially be developing an addiction or dependency. I'm more worried about it escalating to methamphetamine use or something of the like... Perhaps you should try to understand what's keeping you up, whether it be racing thoughts or something else - Before it becomes detrimentally unhealthy.