Just About Every Night

This happens to me just about every night. No matter how tired I am I can't fall asleep. It feels like my brain is going 100 mph. I think about my day. My problems. My fantasies. What I want to happen. What will probably happen tomorrow. What could happen tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. I think about things I would never want to happen. I am so sick of it. I can't even help it. It just comes to my mind, I have no control. Does this happen to you too? Or is there something wrong with me?
kayz91 kayz91
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 22, 2012

Sounds pretty normal to me! But if you have trouble sleeping, try a ton of exercise earlier in the day. Nothing makes your brain stfu like true physical exhaustion!

Yes it does happen to me too. Right now My bf is in jail for a stupid no contact order. He's been there 11 days and won't be having his next court till the 7th.... Also in order for us to get a good lawyer I have to come up with $1250 up front half of what she is asking. I miss him, I cry myself to sleep, but I wake with panic
Attacks very night after sleeping for a few minutes. It's a nightmare!

Aw that must suck. Ik when I was in highschoolmy bf went to jail for running away. You never know what could happen.