Do You Ever Get "that" Feeling?

She tossed and turned, her stomach flipped just as often if not more than her body as a whole. Every muscle tensed, then without thinking she punched out at nothing in particular, just the action of it made her feel that tiny bit better. She tossed her body over again with a little extra unneeded effort. Yet that horrible feeling remained.
"**** Off" She growled through gritted teeth then kicked the mattress beneath her. A gag claimed its place at the base of her throat, on the verge of leaping forth, she swallowed some air and burped it back out, trying to relieve the pressure it caused. Her stomach flipped again. Drawing in a deep breath, releasing it slowly, an attempt to alleviate that damn sickly feel that encompassed her. Her feet now brushed together rapidly and roughly, she clenched her fists, beating them hard now against the mattress.
"******* Bullshit" she forcefully grumbled to her self, her face mashed into her pillow.
She had had enough, pushing herself up and out of bed, dragging her feet as she stalked to the bathroom. The light struck her face in an unpleasing way, she viewed the dark bags under her red tinted eyes. A hefty gust of air escaped her chest before she began franticly splashing cool water on her face, over and over. More and more. Her chest became drenched and the excess threatened to drip down to her under ware, her toes began to tingle from the cool puddle that now formed at her feet. Violently she shut off the water ans stormed back to her bedroom.
This time she sat on the edge of her bed, a shiver ran her whole body she sighed. Then clamped her hand on the packet of cigarettes that had their place on the table at the end of her bed. She lit the sickly object, drawing its poisonous in. She calmed slightly as the lack of oxygen created a hazy vail over her mind, her senses dulled enough as she sat slightly swaying. Once done she calmly laid herself back down with a long exhale. Her head swam slightly a small fog relaxed her more, eventually closing her eyes, enticing slumber to her.
Once again, like only a few seconds had passed that cover she created lifted and her mind raced faster than before, the return of a clenched stomach, an overall sick feeling had claimed her once again.
"****!!!!!" she screamed as an overpowering urge to smash something swept through her, playing havoc on het emotions
"Aarrrrggggghhhh!!!" She coughed as another wave of nausea hit
"STOP!!!" she pleaded, angry at herself for allowing her body to effect her like this. She slammed her open palms on the mattress either side of her and drew in deliberate deep long breaths. She focused on this for what seemed an eternity, eventually her worn mind drifted into darkness.
BrokenTomBoy BrokenTomBoy
31-35, F
Jan 6, 2013