I Can't Sleep I'm Afraid...

Sitting at home holding his picture in my hands made me to be frustrated more than usually, tears of frustration, and hurt gone so far. There is no way to feel better. All of his couldn't leave me, my thoughts, my spare time are all about him. How come?
I didn't find any answers yet, I'm tired of questioning myself why?! I tried I couldn't believe he could change his attitude just like that.
Stalking me , putting his pics on Facebook and Instagram in stuff I have never seen before made me think deeply, what's really going on in his life?! I was so emotionally, I couldn't handle anything. I can't handle anything even now if I am gonna think.
Doctor? There is Norway I could make it. He was waiting for me next to my house. Don't know what to do. Afraid of getting outside and not having any money to move, I deal with all these things now.
Harm? Didnt he really meant it? Post: "I don't f*** with snitches " hm, made me think so badly to bring back to worry.
What do to do? I don't know....I can't sleep at all. I'm fraid...
Natalya86 Natalya86
26-30, F
Jan 16, 2013