Keeping Inside

I've heard many people have encountered a problem when they're keeping their thoughts, opinions and intentions to themselves but does the pattern apply to every day situations?
Often while speaking with my friends and course mates, I am aware of an answer that they are expecting and answer it perfectly. Therefore, everything regarding friendship matters etc., are okay but I'm still wondering could I really be the only one who doesn't give their peace of mind as an answer because of fear that no one could actually understand how can such thoughts be in my mind.
This does not only apply to people who i don't know so well but even my closest friends, in childhood till about 13 or 14 it was much easier, there were no doubts or underlined thoughts in my head.
However, 14 up to 20(which is my age atm), I've often hesitated because of my so called ''three level thinking''. It's a expression I made myself which constitutes the capacity of ones mind, not in terms of IQ and knowledge but as in, for example, I'm having a discussion and at the same time thinking about three different scenarios how it might end, i compare myself to the person I'm talking with, and even planning my next they at the same moment, maybe it's a case of lack of concentration, I'm not really sure..
As this is my first story, I'd just like to hear some feedback, ty
YessMenn YessMenn
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hello there is someone who is of highest iq, he made everything by wisdom and hiswisdom is available for all who will ask, and he longs to be our friend and live in us, and bless us