Alright, more about me besides my fetish. It is almost 4am and I can't sleep. It's not the "I can't turn off my computer therefore I can't sleep," it's "I have been lying in bed for hours and I gave up trying for a bit."
The reason I'm on my computer now is because I'm looking to stimulate my brain besides my thoughts. On a regular basis I watch the sun rise. Some days it's nice, I get to fall asleep to a beautiful view (my bed is right next to a window in my apartment). Other days it sucks, especially if I have wonderful dreams the night before.
Wonderful dreams, how can that be a bad thing? Well, some good dreams are pleasant, but the ones that allow me to be with the people who have left me and gone on with their lives sucks because then when I wake up I have to remind myself they're gone and they no longer want anything to do with me.
This is the toughest part of the night, if I get to it. If I know I can't sleep in (like tomorrow/today, which sleeping in goes to as late as noon), then I have to decide, do I try to get just a few hours of sleep knowing it's going to take me at least 30 minutes, probably more, to achieve unconsciousness, or just stay awake and hope I can get a nap somewhere.
As of now I'm not sure which option I'm going for. I have plenty of things I can work on to stimulate my brain in a way to keep me awake and aware, like write or compose. On the other hand, I can watch TV or a movie and that will stimulate my head in a way that will make it a little easier to sleep.
Think I'm going to wrap this up because this is much longer than I thought it was. It's been around 15min for me to finish typing it up (a bit distracted with other stuff as well). If you have any thoughts or similar experiences, feel free to leave your remarks.
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I battle with these kinds of thoughts also on a nightly basis, quite literally drives me mad!! Majority of the time I just don't sleep, then nap later x