That's Why I'm Up Late Tonight

 It's almost 5 in the morning. I haven't slept well in days and I've been out and about and pretty physically active. I'm exhausted and would love nothing more than to sleep but my mind won't allow me. I am in limbo in so many ways and I want a little certainty in my life and I feel intensely about the things that are up in the air and just not knowing what's going to happen is driving me crazy. I have so many thoughts right now and I'm too overwhelmed to sleep. Yet sleep would be good both physically and mentally...I think I need a break from all my questions and restlessness and sleep would be a nice escape.

Extreme exhaustion is sometimes the only way I know how to fall asleep.

I'm too drowsy to do something productive but not calm enough to actually fall asleep.

I really wish this situation would get resolved one way or another so I can have some peace of mind again.

SilverLinedShadows SilverLinedShadows
4 Responses Aug 30, 2009

That's strange to me. When I have a lot of thoughts, thinking about stuff, I can relax easier and it makes me fall asleep.

yeah it gets annoying dont it and when you just want to goo sleep for hours and you wake up like 30mins later

Oh wow, I've never stayed up 72 hours, i think my most was 48. But yeah, sometimes thoughts can really keep you up, and I notice I sometimes I have a hard time staying asleep for a really long time if something bothering me enough

i feel like that sometimes when i have lots on my mind i end up falling to sleep late in the morning and one time i ended up being awake for 72hours