I hate when "it" happens.  You are dead tired and your mind has other plans.  Your eyes close and you are suddenly at work, thinking abut the things you didn't get to....you think about all the "what if's" in life....you think about choices made and chances never taken....what is life really about...I need to do more for others....global warming...the wars we are fighting....human suffering....animal rights...

All I want is to go to sleep!  Ok let's try to meditate....I'm doing well....maybe in a few minutes...crap, I forgot to call the vet for the check up appointments...Ok....forgot I'm supposed to be relaxing...breathe....breathe....hmmm, maybe I should have started laundry tonight so I'm ahead tomorrow....ohhh, I'm breathing....breathe breathe....maybe if I get done early tomorrow I can work on that scrapbook....Keep on breathing...how abut the vacation I had scheduled for next week...?  I should have kept the time off and just relaxed but I canceled the time off....now I'll be at work instead of playing out there somewhere....Oh forgot I'm supposed to be relaxing so I can go to sleep....Darn, Christmas is around the corner and I haven't even started on a stained glass piece I wanted for a present....then again it has been too hot....Almost midnight....no sign of sleepiness near...maybe CSI is not a good thing to be watching....maybe having the computer on is not a great idea either....maybe I'll get to sleep soundly if not today, maybe tomorrow!

The ones of you out there able to lay your head in bed and wonder into dream land...I hope you realize how good you really have it :-(

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3 Responses Oct 16, 2009

You nailed it on this story :) Didn't know you did stained glass or scrapbooking. How creative you are.

Don't you wish the brain had an on-off switch? Well at least I got 3.5 hours sleep last night. That will keep me going until way late tonight...

I am exactly like you and even after getting some sleep medication off of the doctor i still find it hard to get to sleep and then when i do get to sleep i constantly wake up during the night.<br />
I feel like a walking zombie at times.