A Pledge For Victims Of War

I believe that feeding a child is not a political statement - it is an act of compassion.

I believe that providing a safe place for children to learn and grow does not undermine peace - it helps build a brighter future.

I believe that easing a mother's suffering, caused by war and poverty, should not be controversial - it is our shared responsibility.


"It is too easy to feel overwhelmed by conflict and division in the Middle East, but for 41 years ANERA has proven that change is possible. Together we can continue to build strong communities in the Middle East and help people like Sanabil live a better life. It's time for everyone who cares about children and families living in Gaza and throughout this fractured region to stand together. It's time to show the world that we can make a difference."

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Thanks LM, I appreciate your comment. It is wrong of the military to be defending corporate and omni-political agendas, I think all troops should be here in America, ready to defend the people, from the enemy within. We the people, for the most part, understand Imperialism and other causes that have created the U.S. power trip. It's sad when an American citizen can not trust that our own military will not shoot us down for the corporate master. I am not afraid, just aware.

Leisawolf,I am not American+Politically,would'nt be proud of the Govt.Stand by every word you have written.War,what it is good for?Absolutly nothing but death and destruction+Collateral Damage is a joke..... We are sending troups also to back you up along with England etc,but seems to me that America should take care of their own affairs instead of fighting for freedom+Democracy elsewhere.Just my opinion,nothing personal to any American. LM

I would like to discuss that subject, it is important to us all here on the planet.<br />
The EP Link is to the group "I Can't Preserve the Planet by Myself" and a story about uranium production, if anyone wants to join in..

MM, sorry, I paraphrased my mental appraisal of your statement "no one in this thread has mentioned anything about protesting at a soldiers funeral" into you saying this thread was not about soldiers. Sorry. You did not say that.<br />
<br />
All these comments belong in the "I Don't Know What America Stands For Anymore" group forum or something haha<br />
We are way off the subject of easing the pains of victims of current wars, debating the causes and not the results. However, I do like all these comments, thinking people do actually debate and disclose.<br />
I would do anything for the protection of children, everyone knows. That's why I posted this story. Children can be Arab, Muslim, Pakistani, Afghani, or any other label the warmongers want to put on them, including "poor", and they are still humans who deserve our care and protection and nurturing. Every child. The world is a horrible place for way too many of them.

General comment:<br />
Watch "ENDGAME" and you will hear of experiments on soldiers using uranium. I was shocked and I thought I knew stuff. The military personnel are guinea pigs and the ones we blame for war and killing and everything, when really it is the global elite who pull their strings, not 'American 'patriotism'. Those poor stiffs are working for the new world order! Offering themselves up to be the people's enemy when the elite make their final moves,. and we, the people will be killed and herded by our very own sons and daughters in the military for the purpose of controlling us for that new world order. Don't believe? Hmmph. Then you're a fool and partly to blame when its shadow engulfs us.<br />
The end thought on the endgame is this: They can only enslave the willing.

Great comments, I do want to talk about this, it is of the utmost importance to everyone alive today. The story is about making a pledge that helping people in 'enemy' countries overcome the ravages of war is a good thing, caused by the warmongers who kill that create the need for this type of action and story.<br />
<br />
It's not about WHO is right, it is about WHAT is right.<br />
<br />
MM mentions that this story had nothing to do with soldiers at all, they are at the opposite end of what I was sharing here. It is interesting that it became something about the men who kill, and not the people who suffer. I feel no need to 'support' soldiers, they earn their pay, and I feel no need to support war, it is evil.<br />
If some would want to say that is unpatriotic, so be it, I think it is unpatriotic of our soldiers to serve evil men and do their dirty deeds.<br />
All the graves of soldiers are hallowed ground, if only for the reason that they sacrificed, and in spite of the fact they were meant to be sacrifices, for the purposes of fattening the MIC's wallets. Those poor buggers. I pity their wasted lives, given for a cause they thought they understood, which was actually a lie. A whole pack of lies. Tied up with a yellow ribbon.

LW<br />
my entire life it was Pearl Harbor this and P.H. that thanks for that insight I am going to investigate, I love history. Good job LW you got people talking

We can make a difference if it wasn't for the restrictions. People who choose to stand out are punished for no reason at all, oh wait they were punished for a reason, letting their voice be heard. Other people just don't care, all they want is to have the money in their pockets. Unwilling to give, they have learned the true meaning of suffering. A nation brought up on money and advertisment, left out the important things. Why can't this just end?

We can make a difference if it wasn't for the restrictions. People who choose to stand out are punished for no reason at all, oh wait they were punished for a reason, letting their voice be heard. Other people just don't care, all they want is to have the money in their pockets. Unwilling to give, they have learned the true meaning of suffering.

Blargo, I like what you said, "millions have died few have <br />
profited". They are profiting now, this very second, from the actions of our American soldiers who (unwittingly) support their causes.

I do agree, OpenSoulSearcher, that protesting at a soldier's funeral would be totally inappropriate. Just plain wrong. And yes, I am proud to be an American, but I am ashamed of our actions world wide. War did not make this country, diplomacy did. Our forefathers were not attempting to make war when they created the Constitution and our break from England, even though wars ensued. If we were to go through the list of every war our country has participated in, we would find the majority of them had hidden agendas, just like today.<br />
Mollydid, Your comment has some good points as well. I do disagree about Pearl Harbor, most people are just becoming aware that it was a false flag attack just like The Maine, 1898, and 9/11, for example. The plan was outlined long ago. The 'official version' of these events is written in the declassified document "Northwoods Plan". It was declassified by the JFK team that went over his papers a few years ago. This is one of the reasons they shot President Kennedy in the head, he would not go along. Some research by unaware people would benefit our country greatly. Just google these subjects, and you will find out.<br />
MusicMouse, that is a great article to cite here, and I have overwhelming concerns about this subject. Our soldiers have been poisoned by the very weapons they deploy upon the innocents. The world is being poisoned as this deadly dust flows around it on the winds.<br />
Here's my story about that, and the companies who would profit from our soldiers being exposed to this deadly set of weapons. We can say "Bring Them Home' all we want, but the rogue government has other plans for our American brothers. It's called "The Hundred Year War".<br />
<br />
<a href="http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Cant-Preserve-The-Planet-By-Myself/924930" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>

War... War never changes<br />
Long ago man discovered sin<br />
since then mass culminations <br />
of sin, called wars have been fought<br />
for everything<br />
from love to religion to greed<br />
millions have died few have <br />
profited<br />

I meant no disrespect to this country or US soldiers. I am the daughter of a US Marine (WWII, Pacific) my brother #4 in draft lottery Viet Nam. 42 % of my high school graduation class gave their lives in Viet Nam, my cousin USMC trained green berets in So. America. I admire and support our troops...........but what if the world reached out in peace to help others, we have so many talented people, just think of the positive things that can be accomplished I agree that war can ultimately be a necessary evil. (Pearl Harbor) I would never disrespect anyones funeral, I just believe too many wonderful, intelligent and very young people die too soon, when there could be alternatives.<br />
LeisaWolf, thanks for your post, I hope a lot of people put their 2 cents here.

I am sure you mean all this in the best way, but, go after protesters? I protest. That is not the way, as far as I can see, to protect anyone, not even solders, from the sticks and stones that are thrown at them. Protesting is how we came to our agreements in our country in the past, by people voicing their opinions en masse. The people have too little say in their own country' s destiny, and if protesting is the only way to make our voice heard, so be it. I do admit waving signs that say 'baby killer' is not the way, they could oppose the actual cause of the baby killing, not the killers? Hmmm I had to rethink that. A baby killer is a baby killer, uniform or not...so I guess what is actually wrong with it is not naming the actual baby killers on the signs, so people know who they are, instead of calling all soldiers 'baby killers'.<br />
There are good soldiers and there are bad soldiers, the ones we talk about in a negative way are usually bad, mostly the paid mercenaries, who kill for pay, not patriotism of any kind.<br />
I also disagree that war is necessary, why is it necessary? Give me a good reason and I might change my mind. If 'kill or be killed' is the reason, I can not brook with that either, because there are better ways to solve disputes than killing.<br />
It is absolutely true that taunting dead soldiers' families is wrong, and accomplishes nothing.<br />
I would never do such a thing, my family has been in every war our country ever fought, my cousin has been in Iraq several times. I imagine he has killed. <br />
My uncle David was in Viet Nam, and came back with a huge hole in his leg, and a piece of shrapnel six inches long that came out of that hole. Needless to say, I am not unversed when it comes to real war stories. <br />
What about Tillman? That is an awful story...his family suffered because of the military, not because of citizens. Are we to say we should discount and disregard that?<br />
My oldest child's father was in Viet Nam. He was a baby killer by his own admission. Who can deny that he was 'following orders'? He did what he had to, and believe me, it would give even you, S, nightmares, if I told you what they did. He was not lying, why would he do that? To smear the 'war effort'? I think not...<br />
...there are more than a 'few' soldiers telling the truth, in fact, there are thousands.<br />
I have talked personally with several soldiers from Iraq, one told me about a boy that was shot in the head (twice) as he entered the green zone asking for candy! That soldier will never forget what he saw there. There are to be no killings in the green zone, so it is placed in the 'absolutely wrong' category. <br />
Another told me a very in depth story of his soldier group's entering of an Iraqi home, and how he killed an old man, for no reason, and I won't go into the details here, other than to say it is gruesome.<br />
If your definition of a hero is just anyone who serves, I would disagree there as well because a soldier who does evil things with his military might is not a hero. (William Calley?)<br />
We cannot deny there have been unwarranted killings, rape, and other occurrences in these wars. It is all too true, and we cannot pretend that the victims are not worthy of our sympathy just because the perpetrator was an American soldier.<br />
I DO believe the ones who came back and told the truth, why would they lie? That is a way to avoid truth, to deny someone's personal experience. The truth is war is wrong, killing innocent civilians is wrong, and I will never support that kind of military action. As for the current wars, in the Middle East, I guess what it comes down to is whether you believe terrorists did 9/11 or whether it was an inside job to further the goals of the neocon elites. I do not believe in terrorists, I believe in insurgents, people who want us out of their country and are defending themselves. I do not believe anything our government has said about their motives, and I never will. I would tattoo "9/11 is a lie" on my forehead to stand by what I believe about that!<br />
I support the military in that I do not believe service is wrong, but I do not support soldiers who do wrong.<br />
Our soldiers should be here, defending us in our home country, not seeking out singular people they say are 'terrorists' or 'against America". It's all a nightmare quagmire we will not soon solve.<br />
Most people who protest do not do it for their own glory. They have actual truth to go by, their reasons are not tainted by political leanings, but human ones. When people are in agreement about something, and get together to say so, that proves 'preponderance of the evidence'.<br />
I guess we cannot go over to Iraq or Gaza or anywhere else to see for ourselves the horrors of war upon the innocents, but there are plenty of pictures of these atrocities, and they are not lies. They are proof, and the lives left in suffering are proof as well. Our country has no real dialogue with these victims, we only think we do, by what the media tells us, that they 'want' to 'kill' us. They do not have the money nor the means to kill us the way we kill them, no one can deny that either.<br />
What we have suffered as a nation is minuscule compared to what we have done to others around the world. Who are we to think we deserve any honor in that?<br />
The Viet Nam protests were mainly about the draft, and it was an unfair draft, with poor, uneducated people going first, and not the Senators' sons. I think the opinions you stated are valid to you, but they do not hold water with me. War is wrong.

We are not hated because we practice democracy, value freedom, or uphold human rights. We are hated because our government denies these things in Third World countries whose resources are coveted by our multinational corporations. That hatred we have sown has come back to haunt us in the form of terrorism ... Instead of sending our sons and daughters around the world to kill Arabs so we can have the oil under their sand, we should send them to rebuild their infrastructure, supply clean water, and feed starving children... In short, we should do good instead of evil. Who would try to stop us? Who would hate us? Who would want to bomb us? If historical experience had any meaning, the future of peace and justice in America could not depend on the good will of government. The democratic principle, enunciated in the words of the Declaration of Independence, declared that government was secondary, that the people who established it were primary. Thus, the future of democracy depends on the people, and their growing consciousness of what is the decent way to relate to fellow human beings all over the world.