When Is The Killing Of Children Not A Crime?


When is any crime not a crime? When the rich and privileged plan to commit them? Not fair.

If this doesn't get you thinking about the children of war, nothing will. I can't hardly stand it anymore. Who cares? I do. Children all over the world are suffering and more will. What to do? Punish the guilty.

"Many tens of thousands of children have died directly as a consequence of Bush's war that was based exclusively on lies and deceit. In addition to the spike in birth defects, a whole generation of Iraqi children will face a lifetime of physical and emotional wounds. Seventy percent of children are suffering from trauma-related symptoms reports the Iraqi Society of Psychiatrists and the World Health Organization. That conclusion was based on a survey of 10,000 primary school students"



A historic step

Donald Rumsfeld learns a lesson on the Constitution:



The future is coming, whether we like it or not, which are we going to choose? War? Or Peace?

Justice? Or Injustice?

I can hardly think of anything else these days, it is difficult for someone raised in the sixties and early seventies to see Americans so dumb, dull, and lifeless, drugged out on prescription drugs so they won't feel anything, not even for the children of other lands, until finally, they come for us, and we will all lie down in the pasture like good little sheep...

...and what will happen to our children?

That's not what I want for America, do you? These wars are an example of the evil men do, for riches. We should not allow them to do these things anymore. We outnumber them millions to one. There is no reason we should not be against war. War is bad for children, and other living things.

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2010

I think it will change. And I will not give up.

The world, my friend is never qoing to change.