I Just Can't.

I cannot get to sleep with lights on, or hearing noise, other than my fan.  I need my fan's noise to sleep, ironically.  I sleep very lightly, after having had to take care of babies, so I wake up at most noises. 

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7 Responses Mar 20, 2009

i dont mind light.Noise is a ***** tho.>:[ and now that school's starting back up soon i fear i'm going to lose too much sleep again because of it.I understand...

My friend will surely agree - he can not even stand innocent led lights on the clock he invented a kit called blackoutto go curtains - because he hated how the curtains in the hotels ( expensive ones not cheap motels) let in lights and there was a huge crack under the door that let light LOL.. so there you have it you are not alone!

I agree. Can't sleep with either noise or light. So I use ear plugs and have special lining on the curtains to keep out the light. I curse early dawn as it wakes me.

Yeah thats how it is for me. I love having my fan so much. I can tell its getting old though.

I live in the city... It can get loud, but the fan will drown most of it out... <br />
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The humming actually can help me sleep because it's just a low frequency thing... Sort of like if someone sung you a lullabye or something...

I absolutely can't do it. The only noise I like is my fan. I need to get a new one that is a bit louder, I like it because it is a low constant noise, that drowns out any noise. I live on a semi busy street and it sucks in the mornings when people ride by on motorcycles or in big trucks.

I agree!<br />
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Lights are what I hate... Noises, I don't mind as much as the lights... I can't sleep in a room with the lights on.