The Lamp and my "Insomnia"

My name is Yuu (pronounced "you") and I suffer from Insomnia.

No, I don't really have insomnia---but that's what I "jokingly" call what I'm experiencing.

I live in a dorm room with my roommate and we each have our own habits and such. I like to get my studies done early in the day, so I can get to bed early (10-11pm). My roommate, however, studies best towards the evening ... but this means that she stays up until the wee hours of 1-3am. I cannot sleep with the lights on, and I need complete silence ... when she studies, she keeps this lamp on that's almost as bright as the ceiling lights are: in essence, I could read a book while that lamp is on ... yet she feels its okay to keep that light on while I try to sleep.

So, I go to bed between 10-11pm ... and I'm stuck lying in bed, struggling to fall asleep, and watch the clock count the hours: 12pm, 1am, 2am, 3am ... all because my roommate keeps her lamp on. Not only that, but she typically eats ... rather loudly when I am 'attempting' to sleep.

I've talked with her about this, told her I couldn't sleep with the light, the smell and sound of food .... and she just said, in response (and this is paraphrased) "I work during the day, so I have to study at night. I need this light on to study." In a way, she may as well have told me to "**** off and deal with it". No matter how much I complain and demand for her to turn off the light, she keeps it on.

I have an early morning class starting at 8am, but I also need to get up at 6am just to be able to use the shower. So, for the past couple weeks I haven't been getting more than 4 hours of sleep. I'm running on 3-4 (sometimes, even, 5) cups of coffee a day ... and am hardly able to focus and study. Thankfully, despite my lack of focus and sleep, my grades haven not slipped ... but they might if this continues.

My roommate doesn't see how this is a problem ... but then again, she has afternoon classes and is able to sleep longer than I am. She doesn't understand, nor does she care to understand what this is doing to me. She's a great, overall roommate ... until it comes to the topic of sleep. Sleep, to her, is nothing important. Whereas, for me, I view sleep as something sacred and something to be honoured.

For those of you wondering if I take naps during the day ... the answer to that is "no". I'm taking 15 credit hours of classes and am part of 3 different clubs (which I can't back out of now ... I've already paid). Even if I do get the chance to nap, my roommate always has this bad habit of coming back into the room just as I'm about to fall asleep---and immediately switches on her lamp and suddenly sleep is too far from grasp.

Lately, I've been debating if I should 'accidentally' break the lamp. I know that's a horrible thing for me to even contemplate ... but the lack of sleep isn't allowing me clarity of thought. The thought of breaking the [lamp] gives me pleasure.
But ... I won't break the lamp. Contemplating is my pleasure, but actually doing it would cause more trouble than necessary ... I don't feel like paying for a broken lamp. Plus, as revenge, she might even buy a brighter one. I shudder at the thought.

There are 3 more weeks until this semester is over with and, as such, 3 more weeks until I move out of the dorms and head back to stay with my parents and get a full 8-9 hours of sleep. The thought of a full nights sleep is like a 'dream', and such pleasure the thought brings. May the 3 weeks pass by quickly.

Until then ... hello you god forsaken lamp.
Yuu1988 Yuu1988
Apr 7, 2011